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Land (agricultural)

€ 5,000


 - Agios Nikolaos Salamious


 - Price/m2 €0.94/m2
€1,262 / Donum
 - Plot: 5,300 m2
 - 4 Donums
Land (Zone)
 - Zone
 - Max Floors
 - Road Type: there is no road access (enclosed, needs access)

Land within land of area 5,300 sqrm, in the area of Agios Nikolaos Salamious within Paphos (Pafos) district. The land characteristics are: Τhe land area is 5,300 square meters. There is no official road leading to the property, you must ask for passage and road access. Please ask for further information and assistance. The property has no VAT tax.

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